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JOHN: what do you think they will be like by then?
JOHN: do you think karkat will have driven them all insane?
JADE: heheh, probably!
JOHN: or maybe they will all be better friends with each other than they are with us.
JADE: hmmm
JADE: well look at it this way
JADE: by the end of our trip, will YOU be better friends with a bunch of salamanders than you are with rose and dave?
JOHN: i don't know. there ARE some pretty charming salamanders on this ship.
JADE: that is true
JOHN: but you know what i mean. things have a way of changing.
JOHN: like, have you thought at all about what it's going to be like when you see dave again?
JOHN: i mean, after the way things are going with you and dave sprite?
JADE: umm
JADE: what do you mean the way things are going?
JOHN: jade, please.
JADE: what!
JOHN: *sigh*
JOHN: you are not fooling anyone with your coy shenanigans.
JADE: what has he been telling you??
JOHN: nothing!! do you really think he would talk about any of that with me?
JOHN: there are just some obvious conclusions a guy is going to make about stuff.
JADE: well...
JADE: i guess i dont know whats going on with that
JOHN: hm.
JADE: i really dont!!!
JOHN: alright, fair enough.
JADE: um
JADE: what
JADE: do you think he would think about that?
JOHN: huh?
JADE: the other dave
JADE: i mean
JADE: hypothetically
JOHN: ah HA! so you HAVE thought about it!
JADE: im only wondering because you brought it up!!!!!!
JOHN: yes. yes i did.
JADE: then what do you think?
JOHN: i have no idea. we would probably never find out one way or the other, regardless.
JADE: maybe
JADE: well
JADE: what about you john?
JOHN: what about me even?

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