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MEENAH: yes you
MEENAH: the dork in the pajamas
MEENAH: ok the OT)(-ER dork in pajamas
MEENAH: be all a pajama party up in here today
JOHN: hi.
JOHN: which troll are you?
MEENAH: which troll am i
MEENAH: im the best troll dummy
MEENAH: now get away from her she is mine
JOHN: uh...
MEENAH: ive been hunting her for a whale now
JOHN: for a whale?
JOHN: what does that mean?
MEENAH: its a fish pun
MEENAH: sayin fish puns is obviously kind of this thing i do stupid G-ET WIT)( T)(-E PROGRAM
JOHN: oh, right.
JOHN: i thought it sounded kind of... fishy!
MEENAH: ooooh thats a good one
MEENAH: now beat it
JOHN: you must be the sea troll, i heard about you.
JOHN: but i'm pretty sure we never talked.
JOHN: have you by any chance seen vriska around? or karkat?
MEENAH: who the fuck are they

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