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JOHN: um... your troll friends?
MEENAH: werent no friends of mine if i never heard of em
MEENAH: do you see this golden pointy deal here
JOHN: yes.
MEENAH: i was gonna use it to poke some holes in that girl there and see what happens
MEENAH: so clamscray
JOHN: oh no...
JOHN: why would you do that!
MEENAH: for the halibut
JOHN: uh. what?
MEENAH: halibut hell of it
MEENAH: ok that one wasnt that awesome
MEENAH: i thought i told you to clamscray
JOHN: i'm not sure what clamscray means either. you mean go away?
MEENAH: holy mother glubbing mackerel you are a fucking idiot
MEENAH: well if youre not gonna go
MEENAH: maybe you can at least tell me somefin
JOHN: what?
MEENAH: this is the afterlife isnt it
MEENAH: which means
MEENAH: right

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