TT: The rumors say it was her own "pet" who killed them.
TT: See, she traveled from her world to Earth in this huge red space ark.
TT: In it she had gathered thousands of creatures from her planet, I'm guessing to save them from extinction.
TT: This more than anything has led me to speculate that some cataclysm happened on her home world, and she moved on to greener pastures to rebuild her empire.
TT: She bred all these creatures in secret, increasing their numbers, preparing for her eventual takeover.
TT: Each monster, or "lusus naturae," was meant to be kind of a caretaker of the young. You can see where the dramatic schism between our species and hers begins, and also why she had a reputation for being quite insane.
TT: But she also happens to have this one humongous sea monster lusus that is like her own personal bodyguard, and kind of a secret weapon.
TT: But it turns out the thing is kind of an enigma. Sort of a double edged eldritch horror. As much in her service as it is calling the shots, in some unfathomable way.
TT: Every time she tried to resurrect her race, it would slaughter them all psychically. As if it was keeping her ambition in check.
TT: Or so the story goes.
GT: Wait... these beasts tend to the young??
GT: I can tell you from first hand experience that monsters are totally rotten at taking care of kids!
GT: They do a bangup job of making em scared though. :(
TT: Exactly.
TT: The plan was beyond shitty.
GT: So does that mean you and rox were raised by these things?
TT: Nope.
TT: It was a very short lived experiment centuries ago.
TT: Humans just don't have the same evolutionary symbiosis with those things that her race had.
TT: It turns out a bunch of fuckin' alien monsters have no interest whatsoever in taking care of human babies.
TT: They mostly just wound up eating them, or at best, just abandoning them.
TT: Later she instated a lusidroid system to serve the same function, as she began phasing in more robotic solutions in favor of all this ill conceived biotech nonsense that always did nothing but backfire.

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