TT: Even drones were replaced with robotic versions. I imagine they were just easier to produce and control, since she'd given up hope of perfectly mirroring her own civilization in all its convoluted symbiotic glory.
TT: But not without a good fight, and not without taking her frustrations out on the human population.
TT: She attempted to enforce "blood casting" through efforts to genetically alter people's blood color. That was an ugly chapter. Lotta fuckin' people died from that debacle.
TT: Over the last four hundred years, the population just got smaller and smaller from these atrocities piling up. But she clearly didn't give a shit.
TT: All the while, the amount of dry land kept shrinking due to the gradual flooding.
TT: Soon there was hardly anywhere left to live, and then, that was that. No more people.
GT: Damn.
GT: Wait...
GT: Flooding?
TT: Oh. Yeah, I probably should have mentioned this up front.
TT: One of the first things she did while in power was begin melting the ice caps.
TT: It took a while, but eventually the whole world flooded.
TT: That's how it is now. It's totally soaked up in this bitch.
GT: Wow like the epic kevin costner film?
TT: Almost exactly. Especially by the same degree of shittiness.
GT: Oh man does that mean you have to drink your own pee??????
TT: You get used to the taste. Welcome it, even.
TT: That takes about 15 days in a row of hard piss drinking though.
GT: Ewwwwwwwwwwww no dude. No ew. :(
TT: Relax, I don't drink any goddamn piss, ok?
GT: Oh ok. Whew.
GT: I guess your lusis droid thingy sees to it that you have fresh water?
TT: Nope. Those stopped being a thing a long time ago too, once humans went extinct.
GT: Oh i thought...
GT: Hm. Well who raised you then?
TT: Nobody, man. I raised my damn self.
GT: !
GT: Jesus christofer kringlefucker and here i thought i was rugged!
TT: You're still pretty rugged. You're just a fucking dork about it.
GT: Thats true.
TT: I guess I did have Cal looking after me.
TT: Let's not discount the rad service of the C-man, ok?
GT: Heaven forbid.
GT: And what about roxy?

> ==>