TT: Pretty sure the Carapacians took care of her when she was young.
GT: Wait the whatsits?
TT: Right. Another thing I forgot to mention.
TT: There are a lot of these humanoid creatures with hard shells. Some black, some white.
TT: As humanity was dwindling due to an increasingly whimsical and psychopathic Condesce, she began introducing more of these Carapacians on to the scene.
GT: Are they aliens too?
TT: Uh...
TT: Sort of. They are definitely from other planets, so, yeah. Really the deal with where they came from is a whole other story for another time.
TT: But the bottom line is at some point, somehow, she started herding a bunch of them from their home worlds on to Earth and multiplying them.
TT: Something like a hundred years ago it became clear she favored these guys more than humans as her subjects.
TT: They're very loyal and seem genuinely dedicated to serving her. Must be what they were bred for. She still treats them like shit though, unsurprisingly.
TT: All these colonies started sprouting up. Like these modular cities floating on the water.
TT: It probably sounds cooler than it is. But they're basically slums. That's where they tend to live in large numbers.
TT: Roxy lives in one of these colonies. It's about 2000 miles from where I am.

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