GT: Good gravy. Those are exotic circumstances!
GT: And here i was thinking i had the most exciting and adventurous life. It turns out im just some chump on boring ass monster island in the silly old PRE apocalypse.
TT: For what it's worth, I think it's gotta be more interesting living in the 21st century than the 25th.
TT: Like it's really no contest.
GT: Youre probably right.
GT: Id be really keen on talking to roxy about this too!
GT: Im very curious about her experiences as a future lady with all the whatsits. The hard shell folk.
GT: I must say it turns my previous perception of your lives right on its friggin ear.
TT: Man, she would love to talk to you about all this.
TT: She hates keeping secrets. It's been killing her not to spill all these fucking beans way the hell prematurely.
GT: Like what is even your day to day business like in sea hitlers water apocalypse??
TT: Well, I mostly shit around in my apartment all day, building stuff, reading about history, and flipping out with my sword.
TT: Sometimes I go fishing and check out the underwater ruins.
TT: She does plenty of useless fucking around too, but at least she's got a neighborhood.
TT: She also uses one of her gadgets to gank vegetables and stuff from the past.
TT: She tries to feed the hungry neighbors whatever she can scrounge up.

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