GT: Those are amazing stories. I am so lucky to have friends like you.
GT: Oh snap what about jane! Have you told her?
TT: Jane is...
TT: No. I haven't.
TT: I've dropped some hints and tested her willingness to believe something like this.
TT: It's just not going to fly. It's way too much drop on somebody all at once if they aren't receptive.
GT: Hmm. True but it seems a shame to keep her out of the loop.
TT: Well, tell her whatever you want. She'll likely think she's being fucked with.
TT: Personally, I wouldn't bother trying too hard to convince her. There's no point in alienating her.
TT: Some day she'll be ready to believe things.
GT: Okay.
GT: Wow i still have so many questions.
GT: Its incredible that this is all going to happen right around the corner! I dunno if im ready...
TT: Like I said, the changes will be a little more gradual than that. More clandestine. She'll exploit the fear caused by her revelation to the world to create intended reactions within governments and media, and her agents embedded on the inside will help nudge things in the direction she wants.
TT: Then, twenty-some years down the road, without anyone suspecting a thing, she'll suddenly be in complete control. And Earth will be fucked.
GT: I want to join the opposition!
GT: Fuck this witch i have lots of guns and reckless bravado and i want to stop her. Ill pick up where my grandma left off!
TT: Well, aside from the main reasons that won't happen, which I won't get into...
TT: It still wouldn't be a good idea.
GT: Horse shit why not?!
TT: Cause people way better at this than you tried and died?
TT: You said you wanted to hear about our ancestors.

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