GT: Heck yes bro.
TT: Well, how much do you actually know about your grandma? What have you read, and what do you remember?
GT: My memory of her is pretty foggy.
GT: I do know she loved adventure just like me. Thats why she was exploring this island and raising me here when she died.
GT: She was a fair markswoman and knew her way around an atom or two.
GT: Pretty sure her company made a tidy fortune til it went belly up. At least i still have a few of her knickknacks for keepsakes.
GT: And as you confirmed she was raised by that evil spinster.
GT: But then again from some of the things my pen pal has said it kind of throws some of these details into question so i dunno what to think.
TT: I don't know what the deal is with your pen pal either, and I'm not really prepared to speculate on that right now.
TT: But I'm privy to a shitload of historical data I can share. What's the last thing you remember about her?
GT: It was the night i found her dead!

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