GT: She had gone off to study the ruins one day. Im pretty sure that was her purpose on this island. To study the technology here and solve all of the astonishing mysteries.
GT: She even built that big fancy house we used to live in so i guess she really wanted to settle here for a while.
GT: But she didnt come home from her expedition for a couple days so i started to get worried.
GT: I followed the trail we usually take to the lagoon while keeping my eyes peeled for monsters.
GT: But instead i found her lying there dead.
GT: I think a monster caught her off guard. There were three big fang marks in the body and a trail of blood along the path.
GT: It looked like she was trying to get home but couldnt make it before succumbing to the injury.
GT: But before i could even do anything about it i heard an explosion. I looked back at the hill and my house was gone!

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