GT: Oh theres not much more to it. I had to deal with grandmas body.
GT: I would have loved to give her a proper and dignified memorial like janes granddad got.
GT: God jane is so lucky every day in her household must be like weekend at bernies! What a riot it must be im so jealous.
TT: Yeah, what a fucking treat.
TT: A living room corpse party every goddamn day.
GT: I know right!!!
GT: Alas i had to dispose of the body with haste so the monsters wouldnt eat her.
GT: So i just made a little camp fire and burned it. I keep the ashes deep in the ruins which is where i think she liked it best.
GT: Hopefully there isnt an earthquake or something that would knock the urn over in a predictable and hilarious fashion.
TT: No way man.
TT: I'd bet my bottom boonbuck that shit's eternally safe.
TT: That urn's like the Fort Knox of standing upright forever because of no accidents.
GT: Heheh yeah.
GT: So then after camping out the next day i went exploring and found my room globe mostly intact sitting in the jungle so thats where i lived since.
GT: And thats pretty much it!
GT: I sure miss my grandma though she was the best.
TT: She was definitely very brave, if the stories are true. Downright audacious, I'd say.
GT: What did you hear?

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