TT: Well, like I said. She was raised by the Baroness. It was probably a worse childhood than either of us had.
TT: She wasn't related obviously. Ain't nobody's related to a damn fish alien. Except other fish aliens probably.
TT: She had an adoptive brother too. Life must have been miserable for both of them.
GT: Yes i vaguely remember her mentioning him.
GT: Cripes the things she told me now that i think about it. She said the witch even killed her dog!
GT: Is that true?
TT: I don't know, but wouldn't doubt it.
TT: There are other urban legends that she did a lot of experiments on animals and people. Mostly to do with mind control.
TT: Like figuring out ways to unlock all of her psychic alien potential, to increase her power.
TT: Not sure if that's true, or if it was actually successful though.
GT: So what youre saying is pretty much any unspeakably horrible thing she could have done she probably did?
TT: Yes.
TT: Anyway, your grandma managed to run away when she was quite young. Maybe it was a traumatic event like dog murder that prompted her to flee, who knows.
TT: Whatever the case, her bro stayed behind. The guy must have been seriously immune to witnessing fucked up shit, because he went on to be a famous comedian. A real kindly old cornball. A nicer guy you couldn't hope to meet, they say.
GT: Haha wow. Must have been a hell of a guy.
TT: So...
TT: You're not making any connections there?
GT: Where? Huh?
TT: Famous comedian, about the age of your grandma, inheriting the family name of the Baroness...
TT: Not ringing a bell?
GT: What are you talking about! Dirk stop speaking in riddles and keep telling the story i am on tenterhooks here!
TT: Ok, well it's not like it's that important. Just a super obvious thing that'll probably occur to you later when you're looking in the fridge you don't have, at which point you'll feel like an idiot.
GT: Oh my god you can be one opaque motherfucker just clue me in bro!
TT: Nah, it'll be funnier this way.
TT: Moving on.

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