TT: It was definitely brave on her part, but ultimately it got her a bankrupt company, a blown up house, and a fork through the torso for her trouble.
TT: But she must have been the first to understand how dangerous the Baroness was, while acting in covert opposition.
TT: Others would follow, and continue to as of now, in your time period.
GT: These are your ancestors?
TT: Yeah, mine and Roxy's were among them.
GT: Anyone ive heard of?
TT: Of course. All these fuckers are totally famous, obviously.
GT: Oh sure obviously.
TT: We've talked about the guy I'm genetically derived from a lot actually.
TT: Like, you know, every time I've ever talked about my bro?
GT: Gadzooks of course!!!
GT: With all your future mindfuckery you made me completely forget about your vaunted hollywood sibling.
GT: I shoulda asked where he fit into the picture if you were raised alone. I can be dumb as a bag of penny candy sometimes.
TT: Sometimes.
TT: Other times you're on point, like a bag of the nickel shit.
GT: Whoa now those are the sweets kept in reserve for millionaires. Such flattery!
TT: Ok, what we're sayin' stopped meaning anything, so I'll continue.
GT: Right. So then he was never actually your bro?
TT: No, that's just kind of how I view him.
TT: Lalonde took a more maternal view of her ancestor.
GT: The lady who wrote all the dreary wizard books i presume?
TT: Yeah, the CotL series. Ever read it?

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