TT: Whatever actually went down, they're surely both dead now.
TT: I guess it had to happen like that, though.
TT: There's no way the Condesce would allow us to be born within even a century of our genetic forebears. The thought of that was completely disgusting to her.
TT: But I really would have liked to be able to meet them.
TT: I guess some things would just be too awesome to ever stand a chance of happening.
GT: Yeah i know the feeling. :(
GT: Wait...
TT: What?
GT: Dirk didnt you tell me at some point that you did find evidence the witch killed them?
TT: As of now? No.
GT: Are you sure? I SWEAR i remember you saying something about that.
TT: How could I have said anything like that before today? This was obviously the first time I mentioned any of this.
GT: Oh.
GT: I am just having the NUTTIEST deja vu thing going on now. I feel weird.
TT: ...
GT: I guess i am mistaken. Never mind.

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