JAKE: Can you tell me anything more about this demon?
JAKE: All i know is he might be a skull monster.
JAKE: Wait he is a skull monster right?
ARANEA: He most certainly is a skull monster.
ARANEA: A very 8ig and angry skull monster.
JAKE: Yessss. Ok but...
JAKE: I feel like i should know more about him if im supposed to kill him.
ARANEA: I didn't say you were supposed to kill him.
ARANEA: He cannot 8e killed.
ARANEA: Long ago he discovered the secret to indestructi8ility.
JAKE: Oh...
ARANEA: Defeating a foe doesn't always involve killing.
ARANEA: He has had many incarnations in many universes.
ARANEA: If you continue on your journey for long enough, you may encounter one of them.
ARANEA: And if you have 8ecome strong enough 8y then, you may 8e a8le to defeat him in com8at.
ARANEA: And if that comes to pass, it would 8e the first defeat he has ever known.
ARANEA: You would 8e providing the first glimmer of hope to others that some day, he could 8e destroyed.
JAKE: So... you are saying i could do all this?
JAKE: Or that i will?
ARANEA: For now, I'm saying that we should get going soon, if you would like to meet the others 8efore you wake up.
JAKE: Who?
ARANEA: Is there anything else you wanted to show me 8efore we go?
ARANEA: I didn't mean to get us sidetracked like that.
JAKE: Ummm.
JAKE: Nah just some more boring junk.
JAKE: There are these fanciful branches but i dunno where they came from.
JAKE: I suspect dream sorcery.
ARANEA: They are from someone else's memory.
JAKE: Are they from a wizards memory?
ARANEA: Ha ha. No!
JAKE: Well I guess i could show you around outside.
JAKE: There is a jungle out there full of tremendous beasts.
ARANEA: Not anymore.

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