DAVE: (hey rose)
ROSE: (Yeah?)
DAVE: (does mom seem to kinda be)
DAVE: (like uh)
ROSE: (What?)
DAVE: (i dont know)
DAVE: (a sloppy sleeper)
ROXY: zzzzzznort,,..
ROSE: (That's pretty much how she always slept.)
ROSE: (This includes discovering her sleeping in unusual places.)
DAVE: (is she drunk or something)
DAVE: (can a dream self be drunk)
ROSE: (Yes.)
DAVE: (what really)
DAVE: (just like that thats the answer)
DAVE: (like thats something you actually know for sure)
ROSE: (Yes.)
DAVE: (what the fuck)
DAVE: (is it seer powers that let you know that or did you read it in a book)
DAVE: (why would someone write that in a book)
DAVE: (how would you even know that)
ROSE: (I know from experience, I guess.)
DAVE: (yeah bs)
DAVE: (there wasnt even time for that)
DAVE: (drinking or anything)
DAVE: (with all the grimdark nonsense and carting around moon bombs)
DAVE: (and anyway you dont like booze)
ROSE: (Not really. But it grows on you to some extent.)
DAVE: (you are fucking with me)
ROSE: (Do you remember the timeline Davesprite was from?)
DAVE: (oh)
DAVE: (right)
ROSE: (I still remember some things.)
ROSE: (It was actually pretty similar to the way things have been for the last year on this meteor.)
ROSE: (There wasn't very much to do.)
ROSE: (But there was a house full of liquor.)
KANAYA: (Whats Liquor)
DAVE: (oh god i never get used to how quietly troll vampires sneak around)
KANAYA: (What Are We Talking About Here)
DAVE: (liquor is booze you drink it and it makes you fall down and slur words and understand sports)
DAVE: (and apparently snore like an off road motorcycle)
ROXY: lol snork ;D
KANAYA: (Oh A Soporific Human Substance)
KANAYA: (Got It)
ROSE: (What are they talking about over there?)
ROSE: (I think we might be missing something important.)
KANAYA: (I Honestly Have No Idea Whats Going On So I Came Over Here To See If You Knew)
DAVE: (yeah we know fucking squat)
DAVE: (maybe we should have been paying attention i dont even know what the hell these people are talking about)
DAVE: (kind of too many people here maybe karkat was right to sit this one out)
DAVE: (grandpa johns not saying much)
DAVE: (i kind of wonder whats up with him)
DAVE: (maybe hes shy or freaked out hey why did he even show up with that troll girl)
DAVE: (should i say something to him or)
DAVE: (this is awkward)
DAVE: (terezis all asking them questions and stuff)
DAVE: (she is like literally the only one on the ball here this is embarrassing)
ROSE: (They're looking at us.)
DAVE: (oh god yeah)

> ==>