ARANEA: Instead of storming off to the moon in a huff, Peixes em8raced her role as an heiress.
ARANEA: Once she reached the age to challenge the empress, she killed her predecessor easily.
ARANEA: She did more to sink our race into perpetual darkness and violence than any empress before her, and her rule lasted the longest 8y far.
ARANEA: She conquered thousands of planets and star systems, many of them personally. She was responsi8le for the death of trillions.
ARANEA: Her reign was interrupted only 8y the extinction of our race, which was orchestrated 8y the omniscient creep I mentioned previously.
ARANEA: She flew back to her homeworld, killed Megido, and assumed control of her demonic powers.
ARANEA: In doing so, she also assumed her role as the servant to an indestructi8le demon, whose existence was a8out to result in the annihilation of our universe.
ARANEA: 8ut 8efore that, he had a new assignment for her.
ARANEA: Is this 8rief enough? Am I addressing all the "cool stuff" to your satisfaction?
ARANEA: That's the first half of her story.
ARANEA: In the second half, she escaped to a fresh universe to wreak more havoc.
ARANEA: She infiltrated a planet called Earth, which is home to a race called humans. These guys here.
ARANEA: On the post-scratch version of Earth (long story), she gained a8solute power, flooded the planet, and completely wiped out the human population, while expanding her a8ilities even further.
ARANEA: She then somehow entered the humans' game session, and took control there as well.
ARANEA: She did all this at the 8ehest of her employer, and has shown no signs of slowing her rampage, or ever dying, for that matter.
ARANEA: So, Meenah. How was that story? Are you 8ored yet?
JAKE: (Dirk...)
DIRK: What?
JAKE: (I think...)
JAKE: (I think thats the batterwitch!)
DIRK: Uh, yeah.
DIRK: You're just getting that now?

> ==>