GT: Heh heh. Id recognize that room anywhere.
GT: Horses puppets holy smokes there is a man who knows what he likes.
TT: Damn straight.
GT: But where is he?
GT: I dont see him elsewhere in the place.
GT: Lots of priceless sbahj merch though im so jealous.
TT: I'll see about hooking you up when you join the game. No promises, though. He's pretty attached to all that shit.
TT: He has not yet transcended the primitive desire for material goods, as he is not two conjoined triangles of pure unflappable logic.
GT: What?
TT: Sorry.
TT: As a pair of overly intellectual triangles, sometimes my wording can be a bit...
TT: Obtuse.
GT: Lol!
GT: Just joking bro that sucked.
GT: How do i find dirk and save his life?
TT: Zoom out.
TT: Way out.

> ==>