GT: Eureka!!!!!
GT: Youre right he sure does look to be in a thorough pickle.
GT: My impulse is to message him now but youre kind of bogarting his chumhandle so i dont even know how to do that?
TT: He's concentrating on some things happening on Derse at the moment.
TT: Not to mention some uncannily similar things going down on Earth, which it seems you have noticed.
TT: He's also talking to someone, trying to appraise the exact nature of the threat.
TT: Unfortunately as a carbon based life form, his comprehension of the situation is taking shape at a somewhat slower pace than the jaw-dropping speed of post-singularity cognition.
TT: So I am taking the reins and accelerating the plan on his behalf, while he's busy with the corporeal stuff as usual.
GT: Ok then how do i help?
TT: Deploy all the devices in the Phernalia Registry. Ideally in places that aren't stupid.
TT: Do it quickly, so he can activate the entry sequence and escape.
GT: I will have them deployed lickety split.
GT: That flaming ocean is nothing to sneeze at.
GT: It is fixing to burn his... uh. Skeletal highrise thing right the heck down.
TT: Really, the fire is not the most significant threat.
GT: Oh. Are more robots on the way?
TT: No.
TT: Do you see the red stringy stuff coming from the sky?
GT: Um...
TT: Are you blind? It's right there, Jake.
GT: Oh!
GT: You mean the super deadly red shit?

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