Jake: Deploy.

GT: There we are. No sweat.
TT: Cool.
GT: Haha! He did a thumbs up at me.
GT: Hey buddy!
GT: Say hey buddy to him.
TT: Ok.
TT: He says hey.
GT: Sweet.
GT: Now what?
TT: Stand by. He may need further assistance once he begins the sequence.
GT: How long will that take?
TT: Once he's ready. I'll try to nudge him along, but unfortunately, the fact that he is me notwithstanding, Dirk can be just as sluggish and uncooperative as the rest of you god damned meat mannequins.
GT: Understood. That being as it is in the meantime i think ill poke into one of these transporty doodads.
TT: What?
TT: No, you fickle fuckwit.
TT: Stay your ass put.

> Jake: Transportalize.