UU: i do know a thing or two aboUt the red miles.
UU: it is the qUeen's favoUred attack. very long distance and omnidirectional.
UU: bUt once Upon a time, her weapon was stolen by a UsUrper. jacked, yoU coUld say, right off her ring finger. and then given a considerable boost in power.
UU: that gave the miles enoUgh of a kick to rip a Universe to shreds.
UU: and they have been doing so to yoUrs and its many instances for eons.
UU: only now have they caUght Up to yoUr instance. it is qUite fortUnate it has taken so long, really.
UU: some instances are tUcked deeper in the speaker's mighty blow sack, and will hold oUt for mUch longer, on a vast cosmic scale of coUrse.
TG: wait
TG: i dont
TG: what? instances
TG: blowb sack
TG: righ now i can hardly walk w/o steppin on my moms scarf ok
TG: so theyre destorying the universe is that the bootom line
UU: yes.
UU: try to think of it like this.
UU: imagine that the Universe is contained inside a very large creatUre.
UU: say, a great big frog.
TG: frog
TG: why a frog thats so silly
UU: it's jUst a frog! that is the way it is, jUst try to imagine it.
TG: k
TG: picturin
TG: big ol space frog
TG: all ribbiting loud an being huge
TG: hehehe
UU: now imagine that not only does the Universe exist inside it, depending on the creatUre's health and well being to sUrvive...
UU: bUt every potential instance of that Universe exists inside as well.
UU: those that are doomed and those with promise.
UU: even those that were reset from scratch, with slightly different starting conditions.
UU: all of those interrelated Universes mingling together inside yoUr frog, inextricable from its physiology.
UU: if the frog dies, they all go with it. eventUally.
TG: then you are saying some rude a-hole is killin our frog
UU: sadly, yes.
TG: wow
TG: that is
TG: just....
UU: well, it coUld have been worse, actUally. the miles coUld have spread to yoUr Universe before it had the chance to sproUt yoUr lovely planet, providing a home for yoU and yoUr wonderfUl mates.
UU: all Universes die at some point. some sooner than others. it is all part of the cycle, and sometimes things like this mUst happen for reasons beyond oUr Understanding.
UU: bUt this is neither here nor there. i did not intend to go blathering aboUt all that and waste an important conversation with yoU.
UU: i think the trUth is i am probably jUst stalling.
TG: stalling what
UU: i have some important things to tell yoU.
UU: i'm afraid i am going to be breaking so many rUles in doing so.
UU: i am not Used to breaking rUles. it makes me very Uncomfortable.
UU: bUt it may be my only chance. i hope yoU won't think less of me for it.
TG: no way
TG: i dont even know what rules ur talking about
TG: time shit rules
TG: if its time shit rules idgaf about those
TG: and m not goinna stop thinking youre great if u "break" them
TG: are you in trouble?
UU: yes.
UU: bUt so are yoU, and i've distracted yoU enoUgh.
UU: concentrate on retUrning to yoUr home.
UU: once yoU are there and preparing for the game, i will contact yoU again and tell yoU everything that i have been wanting to tell yoU.
UU: also...
UU: i wanted to give yoU something. :u
TG: hoh man
TG: what is it!
UU: jUst a thing!
UU: yoU'll see.
UU: now rUn along!!!!!!!!!!!
uranianUmbra [UU] ceased cheering tipsyGnostalgic [TG]

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