Roxy: Multitask.

uranianUmbra [UU] began cheering tipsyGnostalgic [TG]
UU: i can't see yoU, bUt yoU mUst be back by now, yes?
TG: y
TG: and i am how haxxing up storm
TG: p stank by
TG: *stand
UU: haxxing? :u
TG: u dont even no
TG: my fingers are the mean lil beaks
TG: of furirus woodpeckers
TG: and my keyboard
TG: is a pitiful plank of cruddy wood
TG: guarding a trove of tasty bungs
TG: it is guarding them i might add
TG: moist fucking unsuccessfully
UU: u~u
TG: as my digits rain danger
TG: on this hapless lamptop
TG: the result of my tappy onslaught
TG: is line after wicked line
TG: of leetfilthy codes
TG: aka..
TG: the governments worst nightmare
UU: Um...........
TG: i will be in an out
TG: of the systerm
TG: before breakfast knows what ate it
TG: im am ur cryptogodress 8)
UU: roxy?
TG: it is womon verse machine
TG: a struggle old as stuff itself
TG: she will bring sburb to its knees
TG: and then turn
TG: with her shitwreckingest face
TG: and stare
TG: into the void
TG: and the void
TG: will wonk first
TG: ;3

> ==>