TG: well ty for finally confiding in me calilope
TG: *calliope sorrey
UU: yoU're welcome. it is good to get it off my chest.
UU: bUt i am primarily telling yoU this as a last resort, in hopes of saving myself.
UU: yoU see, this rUle between me and my brother is a kind of trUce.
UU: we have both agreed not to say oUr names to anyone so that things will not get oUt of hand, and so it became one of the rUles.
UU: if anyone were to say his name to me, i woUld immediately fall asleep, and he woUld wake Up.
UU: so yoU will Understand if i refrain from telling yoU his as well. ~_u
TG: so
TG: hes sleeping now?
UU: yes, fortUnately for both of Us.
UU: now, chronologically speaking, i have never contacted yoU after this moment.
UU: so if i never wake Up from my next nap, yoU will never hear from me again.
UU: if yoU do not hear from me later, i woUld very mUch appreciate it if yoU coUld message my brother, and say my name.
UU: it may be the only chance i have to wake Up again.
TG: fuuuck
TG: this is highly terrible and scary stuff youre saying
TG: but yes ill def do that
UU: splendid!
UU: <kisses>
TG: shit now i wish we had more time to talk
TG: quick what otter rules were you going 2 break
TG: spill it cali!!
UU: i want to!
UU: it is overwhelming, trying to be cavalier aboUt rUles i have respected all my life. i'm not sUre where to begin.
TG: well
TG: what i wonder is
TG: you said you couldnt have romantic feelings
TG: or "red relations" as you said in your trolly way
UU: oh, i can have romantic feelings.
UU: jUst not the flUshed kind, which hUmans describe as romantic love.
TG: ok but
TG: i didnt think that was alien to you
TG: not the way u made it sound
TG: like dont trolls have the 4 kinds and one kind is just staight up love feelins
UU: yes, that's right.
UU: bUt...
UU: oh bUgger. this is so embarrassing to have to admit.
UU: i am sorry for saying things which may have reasonably led yoU to believe this.
UU: probably way too many things. u_u;
UU: bUt i am not actUally a troll.
TG: o
TG: rrrrrelay
UU: i have never actUally claimed to be. bUt i'm sUre i have implied it, probably dUe to wishfUl thinking.
UU: i have spent so mUch time wishing i coUld be one.
UU: trolls are a remarkable and fascinating race.
UU: hUmans are too, please don't get me wrong!
UU: bUt i am oUt and oUt smitten with trolls and their history and ways.
UU: they have sUch amazing, coloUrfUl social dynamics that soUnd like so mUch fUn to be a part of.
UU: and they are so beaUtifUl.
UU: i wish i coUld be that pretty.
UU: UnfortUnately, i am not very attractive at all.
UU: sad to say, no one woUld kiss the corpse i will leave behind.
UU: even if there were someone aroUnd to revive me, i doUbt they woUld be inclined to bother.
UU: for, er... several reasons, actUally.
UU: bUt really, it was always for the best that i cannot have fUlly flUshed feelings.
UU: no one coUld ever love me.
TG: oh man no!!!
TG: that is not true
UU: it is.
UU: and it's for the best that no one has ever seen my face, aside from my brother.
TG: but i want 2 c u
TG: i proimise i wont think you look bad or judge you
UU: no.
UU: i am sorry.
TG: :(
TG: then what kinda alien are you
TG: wait dont tell me youre ACUTALLY from urnanus??
UU: heehee. no.
UU: that jUst happened to be a planet from yoUr system i thoUght was lovely.
UU: i was particUlarly strUck by its UniqUe rotation.
UU: it has very nice...
UU: bollocks, what's the word.
UU: the term that refers to a ball's topspin?
TG: ???
UU: it doesn't matter.
UU: bUt no, i'm not even from yoUr Universe, let alone a nearby planet.
UU: my species has never even had a home planet.
TG: what species are u
UU: i am a cherUb!

> ==>