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ROSE: Iss,
ROSE: Prehhhhtay strong I geush?
ROSE: Whups. Guesh?
ROSE: *Guessss.
ROSE: Eheh.
DAVE: pretty strong
DAVE: rose you just bootlegged some fucking rubbing alcohol
ROSE: Pshf. ..
ROSE: Overaeact much?
ROSE: I'm yam completally in command of my faculities.
DAVE: faculity isnt a word check mate
DAVE: this kinda strikes me as a sort of misappropriation of alchemy
DAVE: like fucking with the mystical technology of creation to whip up some moonshine just seems
DAVE: i dunno man
DAVE: tell me you at least alchemized a bathtub first to stir this shit in
DAVE: at least that would be hilarious
ROSE: Iii,
ROSE: Omg, you're right, I messed a golden opportutiny for a puticularly humoroush approach to this endeavor... :(
DAVE: and where the FUCK is my applejuice rose
DAVE: gotta say
DAVE: you really let me down on the aj front
ROSE: I tried!!
ROSE: I tried making it...
ROSE: Is was HARD, Dave.
ROSE: (Sluuurp.)
DAVE: bullshit it was hard
DAVE: whats so hard about applejuice its like
DAVE: the most basic goddamn juice
DAVE: like the square one of juice
ROSE: Yes, tha's the POINT!
ROSE: Apples are stalartingly difficulf to reproduce.
ROSE: We take for granned our ability to take idealized intsances ofeven quie comlicated objects and conshure them from the void.
ROSE: But compalexity implies a heavilly recombinatife nature.. So.. so many things are synesthized from a series of mushh simpler ideas!
ROSE: To those ennities capable of, of conceshualization and absraction, an apple is as closed to being a noshushnally irredushible object as it gets....
ROSE: Ahem. *Notionally,
ROSE: **Irr, ed, ducible.
ROSE: Tell me, hoch shot, what ideas would you combide to make and apple?
DAVE: uh
ROSE: Exaaalley/.
ROSE: Thusis why apples are sush indivisible symbols, when it comes to thefield of ideas and their reducshunistHIC!!!!! reductionishtic essence from the perispective of humans in paticular.
ROSE: Both from a stantpoint of cultrulal and mytholurgical singificence,, and from a pratical one a swell, if you happen to fine yourself acshualy trying to ENGINEEEer one.
ROSE: Why do you thing, HIC!!! Why do you think Adam mand Eve were punished for biting in to one??
ROSE: They attemped to pentetrate an indivisible unit, uf fundamenetal knowledge. To consume the interior of a thought whish cantot be reduced any further.
ROSE: This knowleshe was for BIDDEN..! Hic. So humanity was forever bandished to live in sin, and, hass strive ever sinse to redeem isself from the hubrinse of this innallectual foily.
ROSE: Hahaha! , Foily.
ROSE: Or what about, the tale of Isaac Newdon under the tree?? He was BONKED on the head by an apple.
ROSE: Not reallyan apple though... an atomic idea. An emlemental unit of inspripation itself, id clocked him right on then noggin.
ROSE: And this indivisible notion colliding with hish awareness, much like.. . a high speed partical fired to create a nuculear chain reacation, jarred from the void a more profund unnerstand, HIC, ing of the intrinsic nature of nothiness. Thatis,. Gravivitation.
ROSE: Of course thess stories are acutually bullshit. They didn't happen in realaity. But thef act that they'rare bullshit makes them more inshresting.
ROSE: Men have crefted many stories that are bullshit out of symbols risen from the abyss of coinsciousness withou necesharily knowing whath e fuck they were doing or saying, as they flounered around for some truth.
ROSE: Bust in spite of themseleves they would for howefer briefly cross through a ray of light regarless. Becuss of the sbymbols. Dave.. The symbols hol dall the power.
DAVE: well shit
DAVE: looks like i wandered into a really weird uncharted side of town tonight
DAVE: its called the drunk rose district
DAVE: and i am scared out of my fucking mind
ROSE: For a guay whos's supposedly, an I quote, "so cool,"
ROSE: You relly are almost comically up tight.
ROSE: Here, why don't you have some...
DAVE: no!
ROSE: What a prune.
ROSE: *Prude.
ROSE: Hic.
DAVE: i told you i dont want any of your experimental fucking spacewizard booze
DAVE: id rather not go blind
DAVE: then terezi will have to teach me to lick shit to see
DAVE: is that what you want do you want me licking everything in sight
DAVE: like oh hey mayor SLURP oh fuck youre not the mayor youre my goddamn sister

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