[A6I3] ==>

DAVE: oh my god
DAVE: you laughed way too hard at that it wasnt anywhere close to that funny
DAVE: i think youve had enough
ROSE: *Siiip.*
ROSE: Whaa?
DAVE: good lord
DAVE: i still dont know why you were so bent on making this liquor
DAVE: i thought you werent really that down with the drinkin
DAVE: you never liked it when your mom drank what happened to that
ROSE: Meh. .
ROSE: Sheh was a lonelay single mom.
ROSE: I forgafe her.
DAVE: ok so why
DAVE: why tonight do you just decide to get completely wasted before you
DAVE: like
DAVE: are you nervous about your date with kanaya is that it
ROSE: I's a date??
DAVE: uh
DAVE: yes
ROSE: Howww do yoi figure,
ROSE: It' sa date.
DAVE: rose
DAVE: you are wearing a friggin prom dress
DAVE: and nervously drinking your ass off
DAVE: while you are waiting for kanaya to arrive
DAVE: for a goddamn DATE
ROSE: Can't a girl jush look her best once an awhile?
DAVE: this is infuriating
DAVE: why do you even bother with this stupid charade
DAVE: you could be at like a drive in movie making out with each other
DAVE: all exchanging class rings while giving birth to each others fucking children
DAVE: and you would still be all coy like IS IT A DATE OR ISNT IT HMMMM WHO CAN REALLY SAY FOR SURE???
ROSE: Ok....
ROSE: Mebey,
ROSE: I took a liltle sip totake the edge off?
DAVE: yeah
DAVE: that turned out to be one hell of a sip
DAVE: maybe you should just reschedule
ROSE: NoooooHIC!
ROSE: *No :(
DAVE: just sleep it off there are more hot dates where that came from
ROSE: It's cool I'm, cool.
ROSE: Really!
DAVE: im just not sure youre gonna make the best impression like this
DAVE: come on lets just find you a suitably soft pile of objects to sleep in before she
DAVE: aw shit
ROSE: Mmm?
DAVE: shes here
ROSE: !!

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