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KANAYA: That Better
ROSE: Yes.
ROSE: Shhh!
ROSE: ..
ROSE: . .
ROSE: ...
ROSE: .,
ROSE: ,..
KANAYA: (what are we listening for)
ROSE: Erh, nothing I gues.
ROSE: Annyway.
ROSE: I just thouh that,
ROSE: Tonight...
ROSE: We could just walk a round for a while an talk.
ROSE: About relly anything. Like...
ROSE: Our worls, or, the fushure, or,
ROSE: How you'are going to save your speshies. :)
KANAYA: Yes That Sounds Nice
ROSE: Just have a casusal, spoptaneous evening. I don' .. hic, I don't ses why dates have to alayways be,
ROSE: A felderal fucking eschew. Dono't you agree?

ROSE: !!

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