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ROSE: Right!!
ROSE: I don't no if it's my ser powers or what, but, HIC, I can see it unfolting all too clearly.
ROSE: Karkast finds out about it and flies inno a rage. It ruins hish moirlallegelleninance... I mean his moiraHIC!.. It ruins his diamonds with Gamzee, who thefore becomes less stable.
ROSE: And he villifies Trepezi as well, and who knows how she reacs. Or what happens with Dave for that matter.
ROSE: Would Dave actually be aright wich Terezi dating a psychotic clown on th side, even if its is a releationship centered around only enmity? I kinof doubt it.
ROSE: He could side with Korkat on the matter.. Not even tos peak of where your alignment is on the subjech of Gamzeen.
ROSE: Which is, what I fear. I'm afraid that,
ROSE: This could create a schisasm in our group, that we could all be torn apart.
ROSE: And I don't wand that!!!!!
ROSE: I want us all to stay friends, and jus be... peaceful togehter. :(
KANAYA: I Can See The Dilemma Here
KANAYA: Are You Actually Thinking About
KANAYA: Doing Something About This
ROSE: I dun't know!!!
ROSE: Maybe I shouldn't intrefere with their kishmeshishit... kshimimishimesh.. Aw fuck.
ROSE: Their hate dating.
ROSE: Maybe it's..
ROSE: Just a wonderful thing for them. An I would beh hoorible to inerfere, with their..
ROSE: Beaufiful hate?
ROSE: The problem is, it's still soo alien to me. The idea of blapck romance.
ROSE: I try to understand, sometimes, like, more than inteclectually. I try to, put myself in the shoes of FEELING that an...
ROSE: It still dosn't make sense to me.
ROSE: I don't want to project my human valuesh on to an alien relationship I dispapprove of.
KANAYA: I Understand
KANAYA: But What Youre Describing Is
KANAYA: Actually Im Hesitant To Even Mention It
ROSE: No, what!
KANAYA: This Is Probably Not A Good Idea
ROSE: Oh, puleashe. You KNOW you have to tall me now.
KANAYA: The Feelings You Are Having Are Actually Perfectly Normal Within The Framework Of Our Quadrant Based Romantic Tradition
KANAYA: I Dont Know If They Can Be Felt Naturally By Humans But The Way You Are Viewing Their Relationship Would Be Quite A Standard Response On Alternia
ROSE: Yeah??
KANAYA: It Is Sanctioned Within The Ashen Quadrant
KANAYA: Which Addresses Conciliatory Romantic Feelings Not Directed At A Single Person
KANAYA: But At Two People Who Are Presently In Such A Contentious Relationship
ROSE: Oh shitch... I forgot about that..
ROSE: You're right, :o
KANAYA: It Is Generally Not Regarded As One Of The More Emotionally Fulfilling Quadrants To Become Involved In
KANAYA: And Can Be Quite Laborious To Maintain
KANAYA: But It Served A Very Important Social Purpose For My People
KANAYA: Such As In Situations Very Similar To The One You Described
KANAYA: Where Two Parties Are Highly Drawn To Each Other Through Animosity
KANAYA: They May In Fact Be Perfect For Each Other In That Tumultuous Quadrant
KANAYA: But To Pursue The Relationship Would Be Chaos
KANAYA: Much Like The Scenario You Laid Out The Two Kismeses If Left Unchecked Would Devastate All Their Other Relationships
KANAYA: Those In Their Own Quadrants And Even Those In Other Peoples
KANAYA: So It Is The Job Of An Auspistice To Make Sure That Doesnt Happen
ROSE: Yes...
ROSE: hic.
ROSE: YES.....

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