TG: like what
TG: omg are we gonna have to enlist fefeta
TG: is fefeta the secret weapon
TG: its fefeta isnt it
TG: poor, sweet, dear, precious fefeta :(
UU: it is not fefeta!!!
UU: i am sUggesting a measUre that is mUch more extreme.
UU: i believe yoU shoUld all strongly consider ascending to the god tiers.
TG: oh
TG: ok that sounds cool what do we do
UU: well of coUrse it soUnds cool! bUt it's not necessarily as easy as it soUnds, steeling oneself for death. believe me.
UU: bUt if yoU can find the resolve, then here is what yoU mUst do.
UU: since none of yoU have any dream selves left, it won't do any good to sacrifice yoUrselves on the qUest beds foUnd on yoUr respective planets.
UU: and even if yoU did, there is not even a battlefield from which to rise anew. no, yoUr void session had only one path to ascension all along.
UU: yoU mUst travel to the centre of the moons of prospit and derse, and there in the crypt yoU will find yoUr sacrificial slabs. yoU mUst lie on them, and then...
UU: then yoU all mUst die. one way or another. u_u
TG: alright
UU: alright?
TG: yea
TG: fuck it
TG: lets do it
UU: doesn't the thoUght make yoU nervoUs?
TG: well
TG: gettin offed on a moon slab aint my idea of primo funtimes or anything
TG: but like
TG: you end up with super powers after that right?
UU: yes.
TG: and some kinda semi immortality?
UU: yes. :u
TG: and cool costumes???
UU: yes! :U
TG: then what is even the fuckin holdup
TG: lets plop our asses slabward and get down to dying
UU: yoU seem qUite cavalier aboUt this, roxy!
UU: don't yoU have doUbts?
UU: woUldn't it cross yoUr mind to wonder, "what if i never wake Up again?"
UU: i know it woUld for me.
TG: i guess thats a fair point
TG: but
TG: you say ill be fine right?
UU: yes. i believe yoU will.
TG: then thats good nuff 4 me
TG: i trust you
UU: ...
UU: ^u^

> ==>