TG: but it sounds like we dont have much to pull this off
TG: because foes are a comin?
TG: who are all these foes you say we gotta beat
UU: those who i mentioned my brother has been exploiting as his pawns from afar.
UU: the most obvioUs woUld be the one responsible for the extinction of yoUr race.
UU: and who also happened to be responsible for this most fortUitoUs nap.
TG: huh?
TG: wait
TG: how DID i fall asleep?
UU: yoU don't remember yet?
TG: i remember
TG: a party
TG: and
TG: a sad jane
TG: a poor sad jane with shitty fella problems
TG: and a ruined cake! it was going 2 be so delish, but no
TG: it was claimed by the cruel and unforgiving sands of lopan
UU: ...
TG: i remember
TG: gcat
TG: GCAT!!!!!
TG: god DAMMIT gcat!
TG: he poofed me away with cat magic and i got ko'd by a floor
UU: bUt which floor?
TG: it was
TG: a derse floor?
TG: aw man
TG: was i captured?
TG: the batterwitch has me doesnt she
TG: THATS who you meant
TG: what is she gonna do with me?
UU: as i said, she is his servant, and is obligated to do everything in her power to facilitate the cycle of his existence.
UU: and while nearly all she has done on earth and on derse has been to advance that scheme, that does not mean she's withoUt her own agenda.
UU: i know that she woUld like to see my brother defeated as mUch as anyone else. for her enslavement, for doUble-crossing her, and for orchestrating her people's extinction.
UU: he always did loathe trolls. i've sUspected i may be to blame for their misfortUne as well, considering he knew how mUch i fancied them. u_u
TG: ok so if she wants him dead too and has her own personal secret plans or whatever then whats she want with me
UU: i believe she's looking ahead, beyond the fUlfillment of her obligation. she is likely making plans for after she is liberated. she has lived as a rUler and conqUerer for very long time, and probably coUldn't have done so withoUt sUch gUile and foresight.
UU: if she has captUred yoU, it's certainly for a good reason.
UU: i think she wishes to exploit yoUr abilities as a rogUe of void.
TG: pfahahaha
TG: WHAT abilities
TG: i dont have any abilities
TG: except making screens dark which as superpowers go is lame as hell
UU: none that yoU have gotten in toUch with yet.
UU: bUt rest assUred, yoU have them!
UU: it's like i told yoU before, remember?
UU: a fUlly realized rogUe of void can do remarkable things. things which even other god tiers woUld view as miracUloUs.
TG: like what?
UU: why don't yoU see what it is the qUeen woUld have yoU do?
UU: then yoU may look inside and determine whether yoU have it in yoU to do it.
TG: man
TG: whatever she wants
TG: even if it IS an enemy of my enemy kind of thing
TG: i dont think i could ever bring myself to help her :(
UU: that is Understandable.
UU: jUst do whatever yoU feel is right. i'm sUre yoU will make the correct decision.
UU: yoU see, i trUst yoU too, roxy. ^u^
TG: daw thanx callie
UU: oh no...

> ==>