Roxy: Pester Dirk.

tipsyGnostalgic [TG] began pestering timaeusTestified [TT]
TG: stri dizzle
TG: its roro L money
TG: do u copy over
TT: Yes.
TG: frig yes my hax are TIGHT
TG: so tight
TG: tighter than a jar you cant open
TG: like you try and try
TG: but my hax r so tight you just end up puttin the jar back
TG: yall just say "like i even WANTED pickles that bad"
TG: but we both kno thats just sour grapes talkin
TG: we both know ur still dying 4 my pickles mf'er 8)
TT: Hmm.
TG: lol yeah that way stopped meaning a damn thing
TG: let me explain
TG: i got this shitty pda from somebody on the inside
TG: actually u know i think it might belong to janes dad?
TG: it reeks of manly cologne and theres a nice fatherly pipe on it
TG: maybe hes nearby
TG: ohmy...
TG: ~swoons~
TG: anyway on derse they have this lame firewall deal
TG: where you cant connect outside
TG: i guess its good enough security to baffle chess guys
TG: but wasnt no thang for me 2 to crack
TG: even with this pos device
TG: for real what even is this thing
TG: probably some bargain junk from the dadly depot
TG: dads bought literally everything from there in the 21st century didnt they?
TG: youre the history buff u would know
TT: Yes.

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