TG: um yeah so im on derse...
TG: wow i am tellin this story as shitty and backwards as possible
TG: i got gcatted here and dumped in jail by the b witch
TG: and she left an ugly folder full of a thing to do but who cares
TG: so i broke out!
TG: busted loose as hell from the hag slammer
TG: i got this sweet ass ring
TG: its so fukkin magic you dont even know
TG: REAL magic i mean not the fake shit
TG: it put it on...
TG: and i turn invisible
TG: and also sort of intangible?
TG: i jumped right through the wall now im free as a bird
TG: a secret bird u cannot see ;)
TG: doin secret flaps
TG: incognito tweets
TG: layin covert eggs in a hush hush nest ;)
TT: Interesting.
TG: i think that
TG: this ring is special
TG: like it is maybe helping me get in touch with my voidey powers?
TG: even though i kinda didnt know voidey powers were much of a thing til just now
TG: see i just had a knockout dream from bonkin my head
TG: calliope was there!
TG: callie is the coolest omg you should meet her
TG: she said a huge villain rumble is going down tomorrow
TG: and to get ready for that we should all become god tiers
TG: so u have to rocket your ass to derse asnap
TG: come w me to the moon
TG: then uhhh
TG: ill explain what to do when we get there just get over here k?
TT: Hmm.
TG: ......
TG: yo dirk
TG: you busy or what
TG: is any of this gettin thru
TT: Yes.

> ==>