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ARADIA: i dont necessarily share their point of view on the meaning of this endeavor though
ARADIA: they consider this to be a great clash between good and evil
ARADIA: but i prefer to look at the coming battle as a matter of housekeeping
ARADIA: in the end all loops must be tidied up
ARADIA: even his
JOHN: ok, but what about your friends!
JOHN: don't you care about them?
ARADIA: of course i do!
ARADIA: i love all my friends
JOHN: then why do you seem so...
JOHN: cheerful?
JOHN: when so many of them are getting zapped by lasers.
ARADIA: do i seem cheerful about that
JOHN: kinda!
ARADIA: i apologize if that is the way i am behaving
ARADIA: it is not true though
ARADIA: i think i look at death differently than most
ARADIA: and it is fair to say this attitude extends to death after death as well
ARADIA: i have learned to be at ease with the cessation of being in any form it takes
ARADIA: but i am not nor will i ever be the monsters handmaid
ARADIA: so please believe that i would never take joy from the destruction of any soul
ARADIA: however you must realize that it is only by the grace of the horrorterrors that so many have been allowed to continue existing for so long
ARADIA: they have persisted for ages beyond their time just as he has
ARADIA: as such it seems to me his rampage is just another kind of housekeeping
ARADIA: while he rounds the ring undoing the work of the gods we must prepare for his undoing as well
ARADIA: to ready the manor for the lords arrival so to speak :)
JOHN: ...
JOHN: i'm sorry, maybe i spaced out through some of that.
JOHN: but i'm still not sure what you're talking about.
JOHN: maybe you could just simplify it for me.
JOHN: are you a good guy or a bad guy?
ARADIA: i dont like to think of myself in those terms
ARADIA: but i do try to be nice to people!
JOHN: dammit.
JOHN: ok, could you just... maybe...
JOHN: give me an idea of what it is you actually want out of all this?
ARADIA: what i want?
ARADIA: hmmm
ARADIA: thats a pretty good question

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