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VRISKA: May8e?
JOHN: i'll think about it.
VRISKA: You'll THINK a8out it??
JOHN: well, yeah.
JOHN: it sounds like an important item, so deciding what to do with it is kind of a big responsibility.
JOHN: it's supposed to bring ghosts back to life, but we don't know how it works.
JOHN: what if it only keeps you alive as long as you're wearing it?
JOHN: that would mean only one ghost could come back.
VRISKA: Right! All the 8etter reason to let me use it!
JOHN: but there are a lot of ghosts!
JOHN: i'm just not sure what to do yet.
VRISKA: W8. You're not ACTUALLY thinking of giving it to someone else, are you?
VRISKA: That's my ring! The orange guy gave it to ME!
JOHN: yeah, well frankly, i don't give a shit about the orange guy!
JOHN: the ring is mine for now, so i'm the one who has to figure out what to do with it.
JOHN: speaking of waking up, it's probably time i got going too.
JOHN: i'm not trying to join the mutiny or anything, but i do have friends waiting for me out there.
VRISKA: John, w8!
VRISKA: I hope we're not parting on 8ad terms here.
VRISKA: You aren't holding all this treasure hunting shit against me like Tavros is, right?
VRISKA: We're still cool, right John?
JOHN: uh...
VRISKA: If you have to leave, I get that, 8ut I really want us to stay friends!
VRISKA: I always felt like we had a special 8ond, John. Like we're 8oth always in the position of having to take charge as leaders, even if we never asked for that responsi8ility.
VRISKA: And I don't wanna pressure you into anything, 8ut I would really appreci8 it if you'd at least think a8out me next time you take a nap with that ring on!
JOHN: it's fine. we can stay friends.
JOHN: i don't really like to make enemies with people, even if they're...
VRISKA: Even if they're what?
JOHN: umm.

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