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KANAYA: Rose You Are Willfully Ignoring My Trail Of Finish Crumbs
ROSE: Humm?
KANAYA: I Said Them Quietly In Sequence To Convey One Of Your Human Pregnant Pauses Before Speaking
ROSE: Ahaha.
KANAYA: The Pause Was Human Expecting In The Same Sense That I Am Expecting An Explanation For Your Present Conduct
KANAYA: We Were To Meet The Others On The Roof By Now
ROSE: Kanaya, whas with this pregnancy shHIC! shit, are you trying to toll me something? ;)
KANAYA: Im Trying To Toll... To Tell You That We Are On The Verge Of Reaching Our Destination And Here I Find You Doing
KANAYA: What Are You Doing Exactly
ROSE: My civic dutie. ;)
ROSE: I have been desputized by the Mayor as the assasstant chief deputy of city plannning and preshervation.
ROSE: Kanya, I' am relaly SWAMPED in red tape here, do you think you coult please return whan I am no so busy, thanks!
ROSE: Either that, or file out a requisition form wish the zoning bureau.
KANAYA: You Have Been Drinking Your Soporifics In Excess Again
KANAYA: Rose This Is Terrible
ROSE: No, what would be terribule would be to bid farewell to this metreor before my critical adminitistrative work is complete.
KANAYA: Really What Are You Doing Here In The Tiny Simulated Village
KANAYA: Are You Writing Numbers On All Of These Nutrition Cylinders
ROSE: God I just love troll words for things!
KANAYA: You Have Mentioned This
ROSE: Nushrition cylinders, thad's a good one. I forgot about that one.
ROSE: Maybe cylanders ins't stilted enough, though. What about.,.
ROSE: Tallcircles.
KANAYA: Tallcircles
KANAYA: Tallcircles No That Sucks
KANAYA: Answer My Question Please Why Are You Numbering The Tallcirc...
ROSE: I am docurmenting their original locations.
ROSE: Soo that we way relocate the city faithfully to our new home.
ROSE: Wheyrever that may be!
KANAYA: You Want To Relocate The City
KANAYA: This Is Such A Foolish Use Of Your Time

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