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ROSE: Oh,, but you could not be further fromp the truth.
ROSE: The prestervation of Can Town has trenendous symbolic importance.
ROSE: We are ahll that's left of our respective races, Kanaye.
ROSE: We are the light of civivization!
ROSE: Is our responsipility to carry the torch through the abyss whilest keeping it lit, and hic...
ROSE: And set it pupon the harth of the newd world.
KANAYA: I Think The Torch Is Not All You Have Managed To Keep Lit
ROSE: Its light... OUUR light will spread throughout our creation, but only, Kayaka, ONLY,
ROSE: If we respect the light of civilazation itself. If we respect the light of DEMCOCRACY!!
KANAYA: ......
KANAYA: So Many Finish Crumbs Up In Here
ROSE: Civilitey/ Liberby. Reason. Efidication. Civilty.
ROSE: Rationality. Learning, Jutstice. Libersty. Hornor. Elucidution.. Civlity. Raison...
ROSE: This are the virshues which emboby the magnificence that is Can Town.
KANAYA: You Said Some Of Those Words Two Or Three Times And Most Of Them Werent Words
ROSE: Pfhaha! I just got it!
ROSE: "That'sh not all you managed to keep lit."
ROSE: That burn was siiiiiick! Hah,ahah I love it.

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