[A6I5] ==>

MEENAH: listfin
MEENAH: i have a problem
JOHN: what?
MEENAH: now we both know some day ima be the one to swindle you out of that life ring
JOHN: we do?
MEENAH: yeah
MEENAH: shit is inevibubble and we all know it
JOHN: ...
JOHN: ok.
MEENAH: i like priceless treasure
MEENAH: you GOT priceless treasure
MEENAH: my fuckin hero title deal all but guarantees ill steal it from you some day
MEENAH: and ill come back to life so i can rip shit up in the real world and get all the gold and make all yall my slaves and rule everything forev
JOHN: i see.
MEENAH: just one problem though
JOHN: what's that?
MEENAH: i dunno if i wanna?

> [A6I5] ==>