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DAVE: what work
JADE: youre going to need to upgrade your weapon
DAVE: what
DAVE: you mean the deringer
JADE: yes
DAVE: i thought it was like the best possible sword
DAVE: or at least the best possible broken sword
JADE: that may very well be the case
JADE: but it will be useless against lord english
JADE: wouldnt you prefer a weapon that is capable of inflicting damage against him?
DAVE: uh
DAVE: not really?
JADE: of course you would
JADE: this isnt even up for discussion
JADE: now give me the deringer
JADE: we have all been traveling for three long years. what better way to celebrate our reunion than with a little alchemy? :)
DAVE: lots of ways
DAVE: we could have a jade goes back to normal party
DAVE: starring normal jade
JADE: gimme the sword
DAVE: ok here

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