[A6A6I1] ====>

DAVE: how do we make it so it can damage him
JADE: it needs a special ingredient
JADE: something which represents his only known weakness, but hasnt been properly weaponized
DAVE: and you know what that is
JADE: i do
DAVE: how
JADE: i get all my intelligence on such matters from the old lady
JADE: shes had centuries to hatch a plan to settle her score
JADE: over time shes uncovered many secrets about him
DAVE: i dont understand how this is working
DAVE: is she piping all these secrets into your brain
DAVE: along with the evil
JADE: that is not relevant!
DAVE: fair enough
DAVE: i guess technically almost nothing is relevant to the dude youre barking orders to
DAVE: literal barking because of dogginess
JADE: bark bark bark!!!
DAVE: yes exactly like that
DAVE: thank you for participating in the joke
DAVE: now what is this special ingredient and where do we get it
JADE: i already have it right here
DAVE: oh yeah?
JADE: in fact ive had it for about as long as i can remember
JADE: it was right under my doggy snout all along

> [A6A6I1] ====>