[A6A6I1] ====>

JADE: remember this?
DAVE: no
JADE: dave are you lying to me?
DAVE: no!
DAVE: ive never seen that thing before
JADE: but i found it on your planet
JADE: it must have gotten here somehow
DAVE: i didnt take your lousy egg
JADE: its not an egg!
DAVE: yeah well these planets are crawling with brainless lizards maybe one of them thought it was an egg
DAVE: and then brought it here cause its warm here and tried to hatch it
JADE: you really have a one track mind when it comes to certain things
DAVE: what things
DAVE: what are you talking about
JADE: davesprite was like that too... i just figured it was because he was part bird
JADE: but no, here you are going on about bird things too just like him :p
DAVE: come on dont compare me to him
DAVE: just cause i think its an eggy looking thing dont mean i think like a damn bird
JADE: mm hmm
JADE: and just because i have these pointy ears doesnt mean i wouldnt kill for some snausages right now!
DAVE: .....................
DAVE: do you actually want snausages
JADE: .....................
JADE: maybe ._.
DAVE: ok well snausages notwithstanding this is bullshit
DAVE: tell me how that thing doesnt look like an egg to you
DAVE: how is that not so obviously SUCH an egg???
JADE: its a cueball dave!
DAVE: i see
DAVE: so if im following
DAVE: then what youre trying to tell me is
DAVE: lord english has some sort of severe egg allergy that we are hoping to exploit
JADE: sigh
JADE: i see its still impossible to have a serious conversation with you, whether you are a sassy bird or not
JADE: i thought regular dave might have matured a little over three years but i guess i was wrong
DAVE: can we just make the eggsword already

> [A6A6I1] ====>