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JAKE: Jane can you please tell me what in the sam hill is going on?
JAKE: Havent you kept me pinched in the hoosegow long enough?!
JANE: The what.
JAKE: What happened to my grandma! She seemed so nice then all of the sudden WHAMMO shes a gruesome monster!
JAKE: And whats with the thing she zapped on your head that flipped your cuckoo fruitcake switch! Is that what made you lose your marbles jane?
JAKE: And whyd you have to plant such a spanking haymaker on the old breadbasket? That really hurt! It still hurts!!
JAKE: And why oh WHY must my bottom rock these snug custard undies while you get to look like such a doggone BAD ASS?
JAKE: Am i at least permitted to put on a respectable pair of fucking shorts???
JANE: Absolutely not.

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