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JAKE: But jane i...
JANE: Jake. Be quiet.
JANE: Having recently been crowned a supreme being of pure logic, my tolerance for your antiquated horseshit has fallen to nil.
JAKE: Im sorry jane you know what a shameless blatherskite i can be!
JAKE: Especially when im nervous i start bumping my gums and prattling my screwball poppycock til im blue in the puss!
JAKE: You know how rough its been for me jane. After we almost hopped the broom and then dirk slipped me the mitten over the whole trickster sockdolager... it all caught me flat footed and knocked me right into a cocked hat!
JAKE: If squirreling me away in the calaboose like this is payback for the way i behaved youve got to believe me i never meant to hurt you jane! Im doing my best here and thats the real simon pure... SCOUTS HONOR!!!
JANE: Argh!
JANE: Jake, now you have done it.
JANE: You have made me exclaim in frustration audibly.
JANE: If your intent is to welcome another knuckle sandwich instead of my reasoning for your captivity, then go on. Say ONE MORE THING that sounds like something a corny old man would say.
JANE: I dare you.
JAKE: (Double gulp!!)
JANE: That's what I thought.

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