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MEENAH: you sure
VRISKA: It's em8arrassing!
VRISKA: I cringe every time I think a8out her self-indulgent exploits.
VRISKA: Doesn't she realize this sort of thing never works?
VRISKA: You don't just go and insert yourself into the middle of all the action in the most hamfisted way possi8le just 8ecause you can't stand another second 8eing out of the spotlight.
VRISKA: That always goes horri8ly for everyone.
VRISKA: Even worse, it ends up making you look like an idiot.
VRISKA: And even MORE worse, it's making ME look like an idiot 8y associ8tion!
VRISKA: Why couldn't she have thought this through a little more?
VRISKA: Why couldn't she have at least TOLD us first?
MEENAH: shruggin ma shoulders yo
VRISKA: How is it that I understand this and she doesn't?
VRISKA: She's HOW much older than me?
VRISKA: Like a 8ajillion dream 8u88le sweeps or something?
VRISKA: All that experience and wisdom, and she's out there floundering around like fucking noo8.
MEENAH: (floundering)
VRISKA: It's so disheartening. She wants to 8e like Marquise so much, just like I used to.
VRISKA: 8ut she is NOTHING like her!
VRISKA: You kind of need to have a fuck ton of experience doing, you know... a lot of ruthless pir8tey shit 8efore you can pull that off?
VRISKA: You can't just 8e a 8ookish dwee8 all your life, then suddenly decide to flip the 8adass switch and expect people to take you seriously.
VRISKA: Also, to truly pull that off, it MIGHT help to actually 8e a goddamned adult.
VRISKA: I know, I must 8e totally off my swaychair for suggesting it. 8ut may8e, just MAY8E, there are certain roles and 8ehaviors which are 8est left to fully developed, grown ass people!
VRISKA: Not to sound like a wet 8lanket, 8ut my ancestor's journal contained some EXTREMELY mature content!
VRISKA: So now we have yet another stupid kid trying to fill the 8oots of a legendary pir8 queen, and it's amateur hour all over again.
VRISKA: All I can see in her is me when I used to........
VRISKA: And it makes me want to........
MEENAH: stop movin around all angry
MEENAH: you fuckin me up here
VRISKA: Sorry.
VRISKA: I'm just dismayed 8y some of the implic8tions of her actions.
VRISKA: Is this really how I came off when I used to pull this sort of shit?
MEENAH: dunno wasnt there
VRISKA: I have a sickening feeling it was just like this.
VRISKA: No wonder no8ody could stand me.
VRISKA: And here I am, 8itching at my ancestor like I know 8etter, like I've evolved 8eyond all that.
VRISKA: 8ut........
VRISKA: Have I really?
VRISKA: Do I go around thinking I'm smarter than I used to 8e, 8ut end up repeating all the same old patterns without even realizing it?
VRISKA: Was the plan to find this treasure and 8uild an army just a rest8tement of my immature, egomaniacal 8ullshit disguised as a more "strategically sensi8le" plan?
VRISKA: If I can apparently keep kidding myself a8out this crap forever, then how would I know the difference?
VRISKA: I guess the thing I h8 most a8out her stunt isn't that it's a dum8 plan, or that we weren't included.
VRISKA: It's that it's making me wonder if I can trust any of my own judgments, even after all this time.
MEENAH: thats some baller inward reflection serk
VRISKA: I don't know a8out that.
VRISKA: If it's so 8aller, why is it making me feel like shit?
MEENAH: thats what its supposed to do i think
MEENAH: but like
MEENAH: tempurarily?
VRISKA: I guess.
VRISKA: What a8out you?
VRISKA: Does any of this reson8 at all?
VRISKA: I know you used to stir up shit with your friends.
VRISKA: You must have done some outrageous things which you thought were necessary for the good of the team. When you look 8ack, do you ever wonder what you were thinking? Or if you ever truly evolved?
VRISKA: Oh, come on.
VRISKA: Don't leave me hanging in self dou8t lim8o here.
MEENAH: haha
MEENAH: i dont know maybe??
MEENAH: sea my thing is
MEENAH: i dont verbally torture my cray schemes like all the serket girls
MEENAH: and that works ok for me
MEENAH: guess i made some mistakes but who really gives a flip
VRISKA: You don't care if you make mistakes?
MEENAH: not like you and she do
MEENAH: araneas deal is
MEENAH: what shes doin now isnt much different from how she always did stuff
MEENAH: the stuff she does is never about the things shes actually doing
MEENAH: its about what those things M-EAN and makin sure everyone KNOWS what they mean
MEENAH: and above all makin sure everyone understands how important she is cause shes obviously the source of all that critical M-EANING without which all action would be pointless right?
MEENAH: but thats not how i rolled
MEENAH: i just
MEENAH: did shit
MEENAH: and the shit i did
MEENAH: meant only the things the shit accomplished
MEENAH: and if that shit accomplished a dumb thing that sucked
MEENAH: then i guess thats what you call a mistake and oh fuckin well
MEENAH: mistakes aint make me feel too bad since i dont really connect results with my shelf worth
MEENAH: ya feel me
VRISKA: That is so right on.
VRISKA: If you asked me a long time ago, I'm sure I would have insisted that's exactly how I felt a8out everything I did too.
VRISKA: 8ut I don't know if that's true anymore.
VRISKA: In fact, I'm sure that WASN'T true.
VRISKA: I was always invested as hell in the consequences of everything I did, and how it made me look.
VRISKA: And how it made me feel a8out myself especially.
MEENAH: ok i will admit
MEENAH: i always felt hella bad about decisions leavin me with less gold
MEENAH: glub damn
MEENAH: feel a tide a shame wash over me just thinkin about going broke
VRISKA: Well of course.
VRISKA: Who the fuck wants to 8e poor?
VRISKA: That's for losers.
MEENAH: word

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