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VRISKA: Anyway, I have no idea what to do now.
VRISKA: Her ill-advised power play has ruined everything.
MEENAH: well
MEENAH: we still have this treasure here
MEENAH: why dont we just do the shit without her
MEENAH: you could whip up another ghost army
MEENAH: march it strait to english and start beatin him down
VRISKA: I don't think so.
MEENAH: why not
VRISKA: If you want to know the truth........
VRISKA: When we were manipul8ting all those ghosts, Aranea was doing most of the work.
VRISKA: Her a8ilities are a lot more advanced than mine. I guess 8ecause she's 8een around for so long?
VRISKA: I was kind of riding her coattails, making it seem like it was a true colla8oration 8etween us.
VRISKA: It was actually very nice of her to allow people to get that impression. She didn't have to.
VRISKA: I should have just told every8ody that. I guess I wanted to 8elieve it too. Like we were equal partners in crime. Ancestor and descendant united at last, and working gr8 together.
VRISKA: I hope you don't think that makes me a huge phony.
MEENAH: why would i give a fish about that
VRISKA: You're right, you wouldn't.
VRISKA: I shouldn't 8e saying needy shit like that.
VRISKA: I'm just a 8it depressed, 8ecause it feels like I'm running out of friends all over again.
MEENAH: i hear you
MEENAH: she ditched me too
MEENAH: cant blame her i guess
MEENAH: what can i say girl loves her piratesona
MEENAH: she wanna be dat pirate chick so bad
MEENAH: who am i to fault ambition
MEENAH: she cast her lure into the lake of cute but dumbass dreams
MEENAH: i think her mindfang ideal is ridic to be lochness with you
MEENAH: that journal man
MEENAH: tales from the pirate who wont shut up
MEENAH: but then
MEENAH: im not one to talk about hero worship
MEENAH: i think my adult self happens to be the best best greatest most perfect beautiful woman -----EV-----ER an if you axed me if i wanted a crack at her job id be like glub yes put me down for T)(AT
MEENAH: so i legit hope it works out for her
MEENAH: but yeah
MEENAH: that dont mean i didnt get ditched
MEENAH: and that just
MEENAH: makes me reel sad
MEENAH: you sure we cant salvage the plan without her
VRISKA: I don't know.
VRISKA: Possi8ly?
VRISKA: The way I was picturing it, a major feature of the original three pronged approach was to use the army to lead a first wave assault against him.
VRISKA: Then while he was preoccupied 8y all those ghosts swamping him, I would go in for the kill with the secret weapon.
VRISKA: So without an army, I guess we'd need to get close enough to him to use it 8efore he killed us.
MEENAH: like uh
MEENAH: sneak up on him?
VRISKA: I guess.
VRISKA: 8ut I get the feeling Lord English is not the kind of guy you can just sneak up on.
MEENAH: kay what if
MEENAH: i found some way to teleport over to him
MEENAH: and i beat the shit out of him with my wrestling moves
MEENAH: then you bust out the weapon
VRISKA: Hahahaha.
VRISKA: That would 8e awesome, if somewhat implausi8le.
VRISKA: I guess we can think it over.
VRISKA: 8ut if we're getting real here, this has all made me feel pretty lukewarm on the plan.
VRISKA: Aranea checking the fuck out. And me recoiling at her hu8ris, which is o8viously just........
VRISKA: My OWN 8ullshit, getting thrown 8ack in my face?
VRISKA: It's a 8it much.
VRISKA: You have to 8e a8le to trust your own judgment to make good plans, right?
VRISKA: I don't know if I do anymore.
VRISKA: I certainly don't right now.
VRISKA: Remem8er when our crew started re8elling against me in that cave, and I was kind of lashing out?
VRISKA: I think I might have 8een forcing it a little?
VRISKA: Like that whole dramatic speech I gave when I jumped into the flaming pit.
VRISKA: Was that really a genuine thing, or like, a desper8te last attempt to 8e who I think I should 8e?
MEENAH: that was badass though
MEENAH: i mean yeah you were chewin the scenery an being hammy as fuck but i thought it was cool and kinda funny
VRISKA: It wasn't supposed to 8e funny though!!!!!!!!
VRISKA: Ah man.
VRISKA: I really don't know what to do.
VRISKA: I'm too depressed to think proactively a8out any of this.
VRISKA: May8e the truth is I don't even care all that much if anyone stops Lord English.
VRISKA: I think all I really cared a8out was getting to do it myself.
MEENAH: thats a good enough reason if you ask me
MEENAH: but hey if you aint feelin it you aint feelin it
VRISKA: What if we just........
VRISKA: Gave up on the mission?
MEENAH: gave up
VRISKA: What do you think.
MEENAH: sure
VRISKA: You don't think that would 8e a wussy move?
MEENAH: well yeah
MEENAH: it would be
MEENAH: if a couple of cowards did it
MEENAH: but that aint us
MEENAH: so we cool to do whatev
VRISKA: That's a very good point.
MEENAH: nofin wrong with stickin a fork in a shit idea that just makes you miserable
MEENAH: hell the best choice i ever made involved givin up
MEENAH: one day i said
MEENAH: fuck da throne
MEENAH: ran off to the moon
MEENAH: thats how this whole crazy mess kicked off
MEENAH: and if i didnt do that
MEENAH: i wouldnt of met you 38)
VRISKA: ::::)

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