[A6A6I4] ====>

JOHN: but we can't give up, right?
JOHN: i mean, we've all been in worse situations and gotten out of those, right?
ROXY: er
ROXY: have we rly
JOHN: well...
JOHN: hm.
JOHN: no, i guess we haven't.
JOHN: i guess this like, may be quite literally the worst thing that's ever happened??
JOHN: i mean, not to put too fine a point on ranking shitty things.
JOHN: but this is about as unbelievably shitty as it gets.
JOHN: i keep thinking about what i could have done to...
JOHN: or what i STILL could do if only i...
JOHN: if somehow i could learn to control this...
JOHN: or like, even better understand this...
JOHN: this stupid, zappy, retconny...
JOHN: bluh.
ROXY: john yo
ROXY: chill
JOHN: chill?
ROXY: yes
ROXY: maybe we should try to like
ROXY: not worry about shit so much anymore
JOHN: why not?
JOHN: there are so many problems!
ROXY: i know
ROXY: i know all about the problems
ROXY: and we are both way brave and all
ROXY: im sure between us we proved that hella many times already
ROXY: but man
ROXY: i never wanted anything more than to meet my mom
ROXY: to meet rose i mean
ROXY: and to just
ROXY: be with her and talk
ROXY: and try to understand this bond i felt like we always had without ever knowin each other
ROXY: i kept getting so close
ROXY: dreamin about her...
ROXY: wakin up too soon...
ROXY: and finally
ROXY: the last time i woke up
ROXY: was just in time to see her die
ROXY: its like
ROXY: the witch was holding out just long enough for the dream to feel like a real possibility
ROXY: before taking it away
ROXY: then u take that ultrasad thing
ROXY: and pile on all the other brutal manure raining down on this epic shit charade
ROXY: and ive got to say john
ROXY: this is starting to feel an awful lot like the end
JOHN: the end?
ROXY: yeah
ROXY: whatever the end of the road feels like
ROXY: has gotta feel like this
ROXY: maybe we should just
ROXY: admit to ourselves this is probably what its like when you find yourself in a timeline where everything went wrong
ROXY: and you know it means youre doomed
ROXY: and the only thing left to do is face the fact you have to ride it out into nothingness
ROXY: stop worryin so much
ROXY: and try to let it go
JOHN: you mean, like.
JOHN: ...
JOHN: what do you mean?
ROXY: i mean
ROXY: accept that we lost
ROXY: admit that the people we wanted to be with
ROXY: the life we always wanted
ROXY: it was never gonna happen
ROXY: except maybe in the afterlife
ROXY: our friends are there
ROXY: callies there
ROXY: my mom is there
ROXY: why shouldnt we be there too
ROXY: why not just
ROXY: let the doomed timeline work its gloomy majyyks
ROXY: and slip away into nothing with the rest of this mess
JOHN: ...

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