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CALLIOPE: ah, yes. i recognize it now.
CALLIOPE: it's jUst like jake's home, bUt with less foliage.
JADE: foliage?
CALLIOPE: on his earth, these hills were covered in trees.
CALLIOPE: in yoUrs i sUppose there was more care given to landscaping. :U
JADE: huh!
JADE: thats interesting
CALLIOPE: is it?
JADE: ummm
CALLIOPE: i'm not sUre that it is, particUlarly.
JADE: heheh yeah i guess not
CALLIOPE: bUt it is very nice here, even if it is only a stylistic approximation of yoUr home.
CALLIOPE: pity there are no trees thoUgh.
CALLIOPE: i have never actUally seen one.
JADE: you havent?
CALLIOPE: come to think of it,
CALLIOPE: i have never even seen a plant... u_u!
CALLIOPE: plenty of meat thoUgh!
CALLIOPE: meat was left for Us in great sUpply.
CALLIOPE: candy too.
CALLIOPE: bUt nary a plant for as far as the eye coUld see.
JADE: that sounds terrible!
JADE: when i was a kid i grew up with plants all around me
JADE: but i was very lucky... i guess i took all the nice things about my life on this island for granted
JADE: i even had my own garden where i grew flowers and vegetables and fruits and such
JADE: that is all i ever ate, the things i grew myself
JADE: but i will admit to having developed a taste for meat since becoming a dog <_<;
CALLIOPE: meat is very good.
CALLIOPE: for all the complaints i might have aboUt my childhood, near exclUsive sUbsistance Upon raw flesh is not one.
CALLIOPE: bUt then, i am sUre that comes with the territory of being a monster. heh.
JADE: :o
CALLIOPE: i didn't mean to change the sUbject.
CALLIOPE: please tell me aboUt yoUr garden!

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