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JADE: my grandpa set it up for me in the atrium
JADE: i would spend hours tending to my plants and playing music for them
JADE: it was one of the places where i was the happiest i can remember being
JADE: i miss that garden
CALLIOPE: what happened to it?
JADE: it blew up
JADE: and then i built my house waaaay up, on top of where it used to be
JADE: in the years since that happened i thought about rebuilding it
JADE: as a way to pass the time on my long lonely journey...
JADE: but i was too depressed to grow anything
CALLIOPE: hm, yes.
CALLIOPE: i believe i can sympathize.
JADE: what sort of place did you grow up in that didnt have plants?
JADE: was it a desert?
CALLIOPE: of sorts, yes.
CALLIOPE: it was earth, actUally.
JADE: ???
CALLIOPE: my earth was mUch less hospitable toward life than yoUrs.
CALLIOPE: i am sUre i was the only living thing left on the planet.
JADE: that sounds lonely
CALLIOPE: it was.
JADE: but didnt you say meat was left for "us" earlier
JADE: was someone else there?
CALLIOPE: technically.
CALLIOPE: bUt he was only there while i slept.
JADE: who?
CALLIOPE: my brother.
JADE: oh!
JADE: i had a brother too
JADE: its funny we keep discovering ways that we are alike
CALLIOPE: yes, bUt not so mUch in this way.
CALLIOPE: for one thing, yoU and yoUr brother never detested each other, to my knowledge.

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