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JADE: what do you think it means callie?
JADE: if that was you... but not QUITE you... then who was it?
CALLIOPE: that was a version of myself i coUld have become, bUt for whatever reason, did not.
CALLIOPE: she is the one i am sUpposed to find.
CALLIOPE: bUt it woUld seem yoU foUnd her first.
JADE: i see
JADE: an alternate universe version of yourself?
CALLIOPE: the version who was able to defeat my brother before he coUld commit his mayhem.
JADE: that makes sense
JADE: no wonder she was so...
JADE: well
JADE: no offense to her, but you are much friendlier :)
CALLIOPE: i was that bad, was i?
CALLIOPE: or, ahem. she?
JADE: not really...
JADE: it was not long at all before i could tell she was good
JADE: actually, the more i think about it, the more im starting to remember about the encounter
JADE: she had a lot to say
CALLIOPE: what did she tell yoU?
JADE: she mainly told me stories!
JADE: she seemed to really like telling stories
JADE: so i think your personality must have been in there somewhere :D
CALLIOPE: yoU don't...
CALLIOPE: by any chance...
JADE: you want to know if i remember any?
JADE: yes, its been coming back to me little by little
JADE: i think i can retell some of them
JADE: hey i have an idea
JADE: why dont you help me?
JADE: do you have anything to write on?
JADE: a pad of paper or such?
CALLIOPE: i think so. one moment.

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