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CALLIOPE: how's this?
JADE: perfect!
JADE: ok, i will write the words, and you can draw the pictures
CALLIOPE: oh, what a good idea!
JADE: yes
JADE: ok where to begin
JADE: if i recall...
JADE: the first story was about how she defeated her brother
JADE: but i dont remember much about that one
JADE: and maybe you dont even want to hear a story that has to do with him?
CALLIOPE: that woUld be the way in which she and i differ.
CALLIOPE: in my story, it was the other way aroUnd.
JADE: hmm
JADE: that makes sense
JADE: the rest of her stories i think were meant to account for the differences in the way her life went
CALLIOPE: ooh. how interesting.
CALLIOPE: now i am very cUrioUs!
JADE: :)
JADE: so she went on to tell another story
JADE: not one about your brother
JADE: but one about mine
CALLIOPE: it already soUnds like a mUch more pleasant story.
JADE: well
JADE: not exactly...

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