[A6A6I4] ====>

VRISKA: So what do you want to do first?
VRISKA: Go on this, um...
VRISKA: Slowly rot8ting horse cylinder?
MEENAH: eugh fuck no
VRISKA: Agreed.
VRISKA: I think I h8 horses, actually.
VRISKA: They sort of creep me out?
MEENAH: yeah?
VRISKA: I had a weird experience one time where I was surrounded 8y a 8unch of horses for no reason, and it was the most ominous fucking thing.
VRISKA: I think I've just decided that 8eing surrounded 8y horses might 8e the ultim8 8ad omen. Nothing good can ever follow or precede those circumstances.
MEENAH: i never seen a horse
MEENAH: except i guess the robot kind
MEENAH: would not recommend
VRISKA: Sounds like a nightmare.
MEENAH: nah just like a mediocre situation prompting a bored thumbs down
VRISKA: So, scratch the Horse-A-Whirl. That's out.
VRISKA: Do any other rides sound fun to you?
MEENAH: come on v serk
MEENAH: you dont go to amusment parks to hit up a bunch of rides for wigglers
VRISKA: Oh, sorry, Your Royal Highness. I forgot a8out the standards I was dealing with here.
VRISKA: Then what do you do?
MEENAH: you just shit around acting cool
MEENAH: not giving a fuck
MEENAH: being an all around punk and hasslin people who glance at you crooked
VRISKA: What people??
MEENAH: uh well
MEENAH: the other ghosts who eventually either show up or dont who cares
VRISKA: That's fair.
VRISKA: You know, it's 8een nice having you around to remind me that nothing's actually worth worrying a8out anymore.
VRISKA: It's still easy to forget sometimes!
VRISKA: 8ut seriously, we should do something fun here!
VRISKA: Come on, let's keep looking around.

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