[A6A6I4] ====>

VRISKA: What a8out that?
MEENAH: what
VRISKA: The tattoo place.
VRISKA: Do you want to do that?
MEENAH: do what
VRISKA: You could get a tattoo!
VRISKA: No, this sounds gr8.
VRISKA: You should totally get one! It would suit your look, and like, your whole "punk 8rand" so perfectly!
VRISKA: Actually I'm surprised you don't have one already.
MEENAH: what makes you think i dont
VRISKA: DO you?!
MEENAH: course i do
VRISKA: Where??
VRISKA: Can I see????????
MEENAH: pfpffpffffff
MEENAH: only if you lucky
VRISKA: Um, didn't anyone ever tell you?
VRISKA: Luck is kind of my specialty.
MEENAH: oh scrod dammit i forgot lucks just as much your shit as it was two faced whats her serk
VRISKA: :::;)

> [A6A6I4] ====>